CLS Collecte Localisation Satellites

By helping to manage vehicle fleets, CLS contributes to reducing man’s impact on the environment.

Novacom Key Accounts

Novacom’s Key Accounts solutions are ideal for companies wishing to implement a dedicated solution for specialist fleets or for specific needs requiring a project team and tailored support.

This type of solution is designed in particular for key accounts, manufacturers, fleet managers or rolling stock producers wishing to develop or implement optimisation and management services in order to improve their everyday efficiency.

A wide range of related services can be provided in line with your needs:

  • Fleet management
  • Logistics management
  • Real-time geopositioning
  • Data processing and archiving, and information retrieval
  • Scheduling and optimisation
  • Security and safety of staff and goods
  • Reduction in fuel volumes
  • Efficiency of operations
  • Optimisation of transport activities
  • IoT (Internet of Things), connection and integration of data with existing equipment

Some of our
major customers

Our strengths:

  • Innovative solutions offering high added value
  • Intelligent, tailored solutions for your project
  • A turnkey service adapted to your needs
  • A highly qualified team, closely involved in your sector
  • Service available 24/7: annual service availability level > 99.6%

Returns on your investment:

From the very first year, all our customers benefit from a significant increase in profitability!

  • Efficacité
  • Productivité
  • Sérénité
  • Réactivité
  • Respect de l’environnement