CLS Collecte Localisation Satellites

Waste collection optimisation

At each stage of the collection, CLS offers you a professional solution to optimise and manage your activities:


  • GPS tracking of collection circuits and integration of map data (layouts, blackspots, presentation of bins, fill levels, etc.)
  • Technical and organisational auditing and benchmarking of household waste and similar collection services
  • Proposals for optimisation methods and impact study:
    • Incentive pricing – based on volume of waste
    • Reduction of collection frequency
    • Change of collection methods (individual bins, voluntary disposal points, etc.)
    • Mono-ripper (a single waste collector)
    • Introduction of selective, door-to-door collection
    • Securing of collection circuits
  • Technical and economic analysis of optimisation scenarios:
    • Calculation of the human and material resources required
    • Study of investments to be made
    • Budgetary estimation for each scenario
    • Comparative analysis and study
  • Support with introduction of the chosen solution
    • New territorial sectorisation
    • Supply, testing and validation of new collection circuits
    • Export to navigation consoles
    • Printouts and roadbooks
  • Project management
    • Presentation of reports to committees of elected representatives
    • Organisation of steering committees
    • Presentation of the overall approach to collection agents


  • Modelling of reference circuits
  • By door-to-door, street or point mode (creation of street, direction and traffic restrictions, editing of blackspots)
  • By voluntary disposal points (according to flow, volume, capacity, type of lifting, location and frequency of collection).


  • Identification of human and material resources to be allocated
  • Planning of assignments for staff and equipment according to constraints related to agent availability, frequency and type of collection flow
  • Generation of schedules, reports and dashboards

Real-time management

  • Real-time activity tracking (position of vehicles, recording of incidents, street visits, trip reports, deviation measurements)
  • Driver guidance (rerouting system in case of errors or departures from circuits, eco-driving indicators) and field event logging
  • Available in mobile version
  • Collection data available (positions, routes, events, etc.) for better supervision of team leaders in the field
  • RFID bin identification system