CLS Collecte Localisation Satellites

Dashboards & KPIs
(Key Performance Indicators)

The Dashboard is a business intelligence tool for exploring and analysing the quantity of data collected. It enables automation of reporting in order to optimise the use of your fleet and its related costs.

Building dashboards can be complicated and very time-consuming, with a high risk of errors related to manual entry, etc. We therefore offer a new technology which provides greater automation to improve responsiveness and the ability to share advanced analysis with colleagues in just a few clicks.

This new Dashboard module is central to CLS’s commitment to support its customers as they move towards optimised fleet management and operational performance tools.

The dashboard provides a structured service in response to different levels of service and analytical progress:

  • An activity-specific report library: static reports, exportable to PDF and Excel, with automatic sending.
  • A dynamic and interactive dashboard composed of several themes:
    • Fleet use: An essential tool for highlighting the key elements of fleet activity. It can be used to adopt an approach based around optimisation and measurement: distances travelled, average use, journey characteristics and typologies, anomaly tracking, analysis of vehicle use with reference to those driven often or seldom, etc.
    • Safety and security: can be used to zoom in on alerts defined in the web interface in order to identify areas for improvement. Production of a summary of alarms triggered during a specific period, by surveillance category and by level of severity, terminals not transmitting for an extended period, response times for validation of alarms by human intervention, etc.
    • Fleet management: Maintenance – Fuel – Carbon footprint – Summary of operational costs. Overview of fleet performance and costs, as measured by key indicators.
    • Driver behaviour: Summary of measurements associated with driving performance. Support for road safety management and helps to bring down fleet running costs: fuel, maintenance, wear.
  • Tailored support and advice.

Our strengths:

A tool which is powerful yet easy to use, and which can process large volumes of data very quickly:

  • Built from thousands of collected messages and data processed and analysed by CLS’s facilities (powerful data centre with a high level of data availability)
  • Interface directly integrated into our web platform
  • Practical, intuitive and user-friendly, accessible to all
  • Global summary view of consolidated KPIs, with the ability to enter into detail
  • Interactive navigation
  • User profile and access management
  • End-to-end service and support
  • Data security, confidentiality and high availability
  • Access via a web interface, no installation necessary
  • Suitable for most devices (PC, tablet, smartphone)

Returns on your investment:

  • Measure and obtain visibility over your activity (under various key themes):
    • Quickly view key performance indicators (KPIs) with a user-friendly interface and a graphical representation which allows you to identify at a glance anything which needs to be examined in greater detail. This is a graphic and interactive tool, offering real data interaction.
    • Access themed dashboards built with precise KPIs and based on activity-specific feedback
    • Automate your dashboards: Real productivity gains
  • Manage, monitor and obtain reliable indicators to support decision-making and implement activity-specific action plans
  • Easily share analysed information with various reading levels: management (head office); fleet manager and operational teams (operations), financial departments, purchasing departments, various management teams, users, etc.
    • Make use of different ‘perspectives’ for analysis:
      • global or specific view of the fleet on the dashboard, offering you specific data at any given moment. This simplifies sharing between the HQ (offices) and the branches or units in the field.
      • filter/zoom in on indicators or data by period, by group of vehicles, by country or region, etc.