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The pioneering solution for aid organizations to pool share and optimize transports makes day-to-day logistics planning so much easier. In fact, it’s proving so effective that aid agencies are already looking to pool resources with one another.

Book & Move improve fleet efficiency and safety and is proving its worth in the Covid context.

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12.000 humanitarian vehicles tracked each day by HumaNav experts
Secure your valuable assets: staff and vehicles
Tailored solution based on feedbacks from its growing community of users
All-in-one Fleet management solution
Help you spend less on vehicle management
Providing solutions to humanitarian customers in over 120 countries.

HumaNav, Committed experts working alongside aid organizations

When you choose CLS, you decide to work with a reliable partner who understands your issues and challenges in the field and who will be able to support you throughout this collaboration.

“Humanav’s key role is to support aid agencies by enabling them to focus on their respective missions. our aim is to really help our community of users move towards a ‘transport as a service’ approach, and to provide the benchmark solution for a safe, flexible and available fleet that ensures rapid intervention in the field”

Aure Pellefigue, Humanitarian Applications Specialist