CLS Collecte Localisation Satellites

Our activities

As a worldwide expert in connected fleet management, Novacom Services offers innovative and professional vehicle tracking and geopositioning solutions.

For over fifteen years, Novacom Services has provided geopositioning and fleet management services to professionals in numerous sectors:

  • humanitarian work
  • Transport and logistics
  • Waste and environmental management
  • Services to local authorities
  • Specialist and customised fleets
  • Export services and key accounts, etc.

Novacom Services converts and optimises your data into exploitable business information and injects added value into your professional activities.

Novacom also provides a comprehensive solution, including identification of your needs, a design office, the provision of appropriate on-board equipment, installation, telecoms (GPRS or satellite), secure web interfaces for real-time data consultation, customer assistance and after-sales service at your disposal.

Our STRENGTH drives your BUSINESS:

  • Intelligent, tailored solutions offering high added value
  • Dedicated project teams to develop and optimise your solutions
  • The continuous innovation and technical expertise of our teams
  • A professional and responsive internal customer service department
  • A secure and interoperable web application
  • Technically skilled and reliable partners

Our commitment

The tailored provision of a high level of intelligence for the movement of strategic elements (goods and people) and tools enabling them to manage their safety and security.

Our sectors


Humanav is a solution created in collaboration with CNES to enable humanitarian organisations to track their vehicles. It simultaneously meets the needs of various actors worldwide (Africa, Middle East, etc.) in terms of security and fleet management requirements

Transport et logistics

Trailermatics provides trailer-fleet tracking and data transmission throughout Europe.

Waste & environment

Eazy-Collecte offers optimisation and research for tracking waste collection journeys.

Tailored fleet solutions

Export fleet solutions

Novacom Key Accounts develops tailor-made solutions for large companies such as Airbus, Antargaz and GrDF, in the industrial and maritime sectors, among others.
These markets are changing rapidly, and Novacom has been able to develop innovative and highly specialist solutions for each of these market segments.

Over 300 skilled field operators worldwide performing on-site installation and maintenance