CLS Collecte Localisation Satellites

NAVDROID Assisting drivers on their rounds​

A detachable tablet that is simple, robust and state of the art

Welcome to NAVDROID, the new mobile assistant from CLS designed to assist drivers on their daily rounds.

It includes the latest business features, designed to optimize the safety and efficiency of waste collection activities.


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Navdroid tablet

User friendly


Intuitive user interface
and specially adapted features



All-in-one solution: a latest generation tablet and customer-friendly data

appareil photo


A mobile solution for use both
inside and around the vehicle

Key Features

  • Driver & Route identification
  • Pre-Departure Clearance (PDC)
  • Real-time tracking
  • Navigational assistance
  • Event and activity reporting with photographs
  • Sensory data collection

Navdroid tablet fixations


The tablet holder is installed on the vehicle dashboard. The tablet may be:

  • Detachable: for use outside and around the vehicle (for taking photographs, inputting information)
  • Fixed: to ensure continuous power supply and interconnection with the vehicle (sensor input).


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