CLS Collecte Localisation Satellites

Fuel Monitoring Management of fleet consumption & costs

Control fuel consumption and CO2 emissions with this reliable and all-round solution. It provides a complete and detailed information feedback on each fuel movement and the location of every event.

The feature is compatible with a wide range of vehicles and send anomaly alerts in case of loss and/or fuel Jacking. Finally, it proposes the management of international currencies and automatic conversion, for global adaptability.


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fuel monitoring dashboard


Manage operational fleet costs


Spot anomalies


Monitor carbon impact of operations


  • Tracing fuel costs and expenses
  • Monitoring of vehicle consumption
  • Identification of events (additions, losses, misappropriation
  • Access to comprehensive reports
  • Automatic reporting of carbon emissions for the entire fleet, to meet the challenges of reducing climate impact


  • All-round view of your fleet: Vehicle list and detailed individual monitoring of each one
  • Module built in the platform: automatic data feedback, alert setup, comprehensive fleet management features
  • Multi-source management:
    – Automated collection
    – Driver Input
    – Software inputs