CLS Collecte Localisation Satellites

Track & Trace Monitor your fleet worldwide

HUMANAV is a dedicated solution for humanitarian operations, designed to guarantee the safety of personnel in the field. The core of the service offer is based on the geolocation of vehicles and teams with adapted solutions for this complex and challenging operating environment.

It ensure safety and security to staff and vehicles. This advanced and customized solution is useful for all asset profiles and all stakeholders.


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Track and trace platform


Locate and assist
staff in case of problems


Rapid recovery
of stolen or hijacked vehicles

quick reaction

React to unauthorised use
of vehicles or lack of transmission


Define specific elements
to be monitored


Rely on a trusted partner guaranteeing the security
and high availability of the data collected

fleet platform

Direct overview
of fleet KPIs

Key features

  • Real time location of vehicle (worldwide map system, global network coverage)
  • Activity/History of vehicle movements
  • Remote vehicle immobilization
  • Nearest asset search
  • Security alerts by direct messaging and SOS button for emergencies
  • Route management & corridoring : Monitor in real time the specific routes of your transports
  • Powerful tool to set up surveillance parameters
    • with live notifications of automatic send email, sms
    • intervention zones, unauthorized use of vehicles, night drive, overspeeding, etc
  • Operational reporting and dashboards