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Waste skips

27 March 2024

EAZY TRACK: CLS extends its optimized waste management offering with an innovative dumpster tracking system

In partnership with Sensolus, the world leader in tracking non-powered assets, CLS now offers a new solution for tracking dumpsters and all types of non-powered assets.

17 January 2024

CLS Humanav Solutions Combat Idling to Enhance Fuel Efficiency and sustainability thanks to Vehicle Tracking System (VTS)

27 November 2023

Enhancing Safety and Efficiency: How Geofencing by HUMANAV supports Humanitarian organizations Worldwide

To ensure safety and optimize their operations, Aid organizations have turned to technologies like geofencing, a feature offered by CLS.

convoy of humanitarian jeeps

01 June 2023

Safety First: the HumaNav Road Safety and Driver Management feature

Road safety is a major issue for aid agencies worldwide, especially in warzones and developing countries. The HumaNav Road Safety and Driver Management feature has been specifically designed to address all of these challenges


19 January 2023

On the ground, the ECOTRAVID project is moving forward

The ECOTRAVID app compares all the data on our operating schedules with a set of algorithms developed by our partners Fraunhofer ITWM and CLS.

Sightsavers vehicles during a neglected tropical disease programme in Benin 2020

18 July 2022

Sightsavers Chooses HUMANAV for its Humanitarian Fleet Tracking

International NGO Sightsavers has chosen CLS’s HUMANAV system for the tracking and management of its humanitarian fleets, as part of its global push to ensure the safety and security of its equipment and personnel.

EazyConnect dashboards

30 June 2022

Eazy Connect software: At the heart of the Eazy Collecte system

Optimizing Waste Collection

The Eazy Connect software suite provides the essential elements for waste collection route optimization and field monitoring.

cls mobility team

29 June 2022

New synergies within CLS Group are opening up a world of possibilities

Interview with Capucine Martin, Sales Director at CLS Group’s Fleet Management Business Unit

Sales Director at CLS Group’s Fleet Management Business Unit since 2020, Capucine Martin has instilled a new approach to customer relations, based on improved synergies between the global group’s 900 employees and 34 sites worldwide. Full of energy and fresh ideas, she reveals here her vision of the future for CLS’ projects and fleet management activities.

CLS and Continental Join Forces to Digitize Transportation

20 June 2022

CLS and Continental Join Forces to Digitize Transportation

CLS is proud to announce its recent partnership with German tech company Continental, which will provide vehicle and driver data collection services to enable the collation and analysis of social and statutory records.

humanitarian car

27 April 2022

Multiple Upgrade for HUMANAV Safety Feature & SOS Button

CLS is constantly enhancing its HUMANAV solution in line with agencies’ evolving needs and the latest upgrades to its SOS function aim to further protect worker and asset safety.

waste collection round

13 April 2022

Eazydroid: The app that guarantees waste collection service quality

The Eazydroid mobile app enables waste collection services to monitor operations at all times, and to obtain the information required to react and adapt to every situation.

waste collection

08 April 2022

Navdroid tablet: The essential tool for digital waste collection

The mobile tablet for refuse collectors in the field, Navdroid improves route management and simplifies everyday tasks.

samat truck

31 March 2022

LIFE ECOTRAVID Project – Samat Group Testimony

The Samat group has been partner and signatory to the ADEME ecological transition charter since 2011. It has set itself a target of reducing its entire fleet’s fuel consumption by 1% per year.

Ecotravid motion

22 February 2022

LIFE ECOTRAVID Project: Reduce truck fuel consumption and related CO2 emissions by 5 to 10%

humanitarian convoy

25 November 2021

Saving money and the planet – The HumaNav Fuel Monitoring tool

HumaNav system features a fuel monitoring tool that enables agencies to better manage their consumption, rapidly spot anomalies, limit operational fleet costs, and monitor and reduce their carbon footprint.

humanitarian car

25 November 2021

HumaNav Dashboards & KPI Management Tool

For data analysis & Strategic asset management

Thanks to HumaNav,fleet managers can get a real-time overview of operations plus a quick grasp of key indicators whenever they need it.

Aidex 2021

27 October 2021

Meet us at Aidex 2021 and discover our Fleet Management Novelties

Stand D31

burst semi-trailer tyre

23 September 2021

Service networks digitize tyre maintenance with TPMS

Real-time tyre monitoring improves safety and reduces maintenance costs while boosting fleet availability.

crashlog humanav

27 August 2021

Road Crash Reporting & Analysis Tool

Crash analysis: the most critical seconds of an accident automatically reported

Samat truck

26 July 2021

ECOTRAVID’s VMC Engineers Complete 18 months of Data Analysis

Software engineers have just completed 18 months of analysis of all the data collected for ECOTRAVID’s Virtual Measurement Campaign (VMC) since its launch in January 2020.

waste collection

13 July 2021

Digitizing refuse collection with Eazy collecte PAP

The system’s door-to-door version, Eazy collecte PAP, combines a web-based management app with a terminal on board each refuse truck, linking its driver to HQ.

truck maintenance

06 July 2021

HumaNav: Making Unplanned Downtime a Thing of the Past – CLS

The HumaNav Maintenance Management Tool

The HumaNav maintenance management tool has been shown to extend agencies’ fleet lifecycles, cut their maintenance budgets, reduce unscheduled repairs and downtimes, and lower the risk of accidents.


30 June 2021

ECOTRAVID Pilot in Full Swing

The measurement campaign of LIFE’s ECOTRAVID pilot is in full swing, with nearly all of the 40 trucks and trailers involved in the project and operated by transportation and logistics expert Samat now fitted with their onboard terminals.

Fruehauf Trailer

23 June 2021

Fruehauf Launches New Service, in Partnership with Telematics Leader Novacom

Press Release

Market-leading trailer and semi-trailer manufacturer Fruehauf has signed a partnership with Novacom, supplier of the Trailermatics telematics system. The deal will enable Fruehauf customers in France to have Novacom’s dedicated telematics system factory-fitted free of charge on all their new trailers and semi-trailers.

truck driver with his smartphone

18 June 2021

Smart savings with smartphones

By centralizing basic fleet management data on smartphones, the CLS Driver Connect app increases driver mobility and allows companies to reduce their telematics hardware costs.

trucks and trailers on a highway

26 May 2021

How GPS tracking benefits the bottom line

One of the key standard functions of a telematics system is geopositioning –the GPS tracking and regular relay of a vehicle’s location. This underpins a range of services aimed at improving the performance and profitability of haulage and logistics companies alike.

Fleet Control logo

14 April 2021

Fleet Control – The new fleet management starter tool for aid agencies

Members of non-profit association Fleet Forum now have access to a new fleet management starter tool, thanks to the latest phase in its partnership with telematics systems provider CLS.

Data sharing between Euromaster and its customers

01 April 2021

Euromaster launches truck and trailer TPMS in partnership with Novacom, a CLS subsidiary

Press Release

As part of its ongoing commitment to enhancing truck driver safety, Euromaster has partnered with connected fleet management pioneer Novacom, to offer hauliers an on-the-road tyre pressure and temperature monitoring and alert system.

Truck on a road in the middle of nature

24 February 2021

5 ways to reduce your carbon footprint with fleet management

Which tools to reduce pollution?

trucks and data intelligence

10 February 2021

Boost your performance with smart data

The smart processing of transportation data turns fleet management systems into profit-making decision support tools.

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