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Digitizing refuse collection with Eazy collecte PAP

13 July 2021 - Waste management & urban cleanliness

waste collectionWith household consumption on the rise, more and more local authorities are looking to optimize their refuse collection in order to cut costs and CO2 emissions. They and their service providers now have access to the Eazy collecte refuse collection system, courtesy of satellite geolocation and connected object specialist CLS – a subsidiary of the French space agency, CNES.

The system’s door-to-door version, Eazy collecte PAP, combines a web-based management app with a terminal on board each refuse truck, linking its driver to HQ. This makes it possible to plan collection routes, to guide drivers and to ensure that every round runs smoothly.

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door-to-door waste collectionAs a starting point, Eazy collecte PAP facilitates route modeling for refuse trucks by factoring in operational and safety constraints and enabling users to define offloading times.

During each round, the in-cab screen displays the digital roadmap and routes to be taken and informs drivers of the type of refuse to be collected. With integrated visual and voice commands, it’s the ideal smart companion for experienced, beginner and stand-in teams e.g. where a road is blocked due to roadworks or there are problems accessing the bins.

The system also relays back to HQ information on the vehicles and route progress, including bin identification and number, manually inputted anomalies, filling rate of public refuse containers, mileage, speed and breaks, as well as vehicle washing and maintenance.


Proactive monitoring for safer, optimized collections

garbage truckThanks to continuous connectivity, managers can use the Eazy collecte app to monitor refuse collections in real time and to communicate directly with their teams on the ground, who are in turn guided through their rounds step-by-step. Each trip is displayed on a map, showing any deviations from the planned route so that managers can react immediately in the event of a breakdown or accident.

Eazy collecte also provides a series of activity reports in the form of interactive dashboards, with integrated performance indicator analysis, giving local authorities and private companies all the tools they need to optimize their refuse collection. Data feedback ensures rapid response to user complaints, with CLS engineers on hand to support the ongoing optimization of refuse sector activities.

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Connected fleets via onboard and mobile terminals

waste collectionEach bin is connected to the Eazy collecte platform via an IHMI terminal or new tablet. Linked to the vehicle’s electronics plus various sensors, these robust devices offer numerous channels for the two-way transfer of data between managers and drivers, while the clear interactive display facilitates navigational assistance and route checking. The tablet can be removed from its mount, e.g. to take photographs for an incident report or to record vehicle status before departure.

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