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As a worldwide expert in connected fleet management, the CLS company, offers innovative and professional vehicle tracking and geopositioning solutions. For 30+ years, CLS has provided geopositioning and fleet management services to professionals in numerous sectors:


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With a presence across five continents, CLS Mobility develops and operates innovative telematics solutions, seamlessly adapted to our customers’ activities.

For over fifteen years, CLS has provided geopositioning and connected fleet management services to professionals in numerous sectors: humanitarian, transport and logistics, waste and environment, services to local authorities, tailored fleet solutions and export fleet solutions.


20 June 2022

CLS and Continental Join Forces to Digitize Transportation

CLS is proud to announce its recent partnership with German tech company Continental, which will provide vehicle and driver data collection services to enable the collation and analysis of social and statutory records. Read more

27 April 2022

Multiple Upgrade for HUMANAV Safety Feature & SOS Button

CLS is constantly enhancing its HUMANAV solution in line with agencies’ evolving needs and the latest upgrades to its SOS function aim to further protect worker and asset safety. Read more

31 March 2022

LIFE ECOTRAVID Project – Samat Group Testimony

The Samat group has been partner and signatory to the ADEME ecological transition charter since 2011. It has set itself a target of reducing its entire fleet’s fuel consumption by 1% per year. Read more