CLS Collecte Localisation Satellites

TRACITY RFID bin identification system for precision waste collection tracking

A robust and reliable wireless RFID solution

Experts in the field of bin identification, CLS has created its own RFID solution in order to oversee all technology, developments and performance.

Linked to the Eazy Connect suite, Tracity ensures complete tracking and data security, from bin collection to communication with invoicing software.


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Tracity platform



Effective diagnostic tools
within a robust system

configurable solution

End-to-end data traceability over the entire waste collection supply chain

installation simplified


Simplified installation
due to wireless communication

Key Figures

  • Pre-Departure Clearance (PDC)
  • Predeparture checks visible in real time on the Eazy Connect web platform
  • Event reporting via a Button Box and visible in real time in the cabin and on the Eazy Connect web platform
  • 3 bin-lift blocking modes: automatic with or without forcing, no blocking
  • Real-time bin collection monitoring
  • Bin collection visualization in the cabin and on the Eazy Connect web platform
  • Data exportable at all times
  • Automatic data export to invoicing software

Innovative Features

Eazy Scan

Practical wristband enables agents to work in complete safety, and to record and send data in real time to the Eazy Connect software suite.

Eazy scan

RFID box for refuse collectors

A modern and configurable Button Box

  • Event reporting configurable by type of contract
  • Robust touchscreen

How does Tracity work?

Tracity RFID schema


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