CLS Collecte Localisation Satellites

DESIGN OFFICE Optimization studies & customer support

CLS has been leveraging its expertise for the optimization of waste collection services for more than 15 years.

Its Design Office assists and advises local authorities seeking to streamline their waste collection activities, using cutting-edge computer technology.

The unique methodology developed by our team of Environment specialists sets a new benchmark in the field and ensures a very rapid return on investment.

The proposed restructuring takes place in three stages:

1 – Status Analysis

  • Data Tracking: Recording of vehicle’s time-stamped coordinates via a smartphone
  • Data Integration: Direct integration of GPS points into a BDD and bin and black spot input
  • Routes displayedin paper, roadbook, shape and KML formats
  • Technical and organizational diagnosis

2 – Study of Optimization Scenarios

  • Proposal and Analysis of Optimization Scenarios
    based on diagnostic elements, identified optimization routes and expected impacts
  • System Validation: Selection of best optimization scenarios (collection frequency, containerization, etc.) and definition of organizational constraints (work schedules, delivery points, fleet size)
  • Technical and Budgetary Constraints: Number of weekly trips, number of FTEs, assessment of allocated budget

3 – Implementation

  • Catchment area sectorization: According to: work hours, tonnage, distance
  • New Collection Routes: New route creation using the Eazy Collecte Circuits tool and routes displayed in papier, roadbook, shape and KML formats

Why working with our design office is decisive for your project:

  • To secure your staff and value their work
  • To optimize tonnage collected per mile
  • To reduce the overall number of vehicle trips
  • To increase user satisfaction
  • To save fuel
  • To save time by providing management tools
  • To facilitate your costs and fiscal management