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MULTIMODAL LOGISTICS A wide range of services related to companies’ specific needs

Why choose CLS for your logistics activities?

Our CLS experts will find the most innovative, customized and high added-value solution for your project.

It’s a turnkey service totally adapted to your specific needs!

The result for you is 24/7 access to a highly-qualified CLS team with in-depth knowledge of your business, plus a year-round service availability of > 99.6%.

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Customized solutions adapted to your needs

Track & Trace

Planning Optimization

Fuel monitoring

Maintenance management

Dashboards & KPI

User benefits


Enhanced vehicle
and user safety



How CLS’ Multimodal Logistics solutions work

scheme of operation of multimodal CLS solutions

connected devices

100,000 devices connected by CLS mobiles solutions

refuse vehicle

42,000 land
vehicles monitored


450 fleet management customers


30+ years of experience in fleet management worldwide


Solutions used in more than 120 countries


900 secure

TPMS: Master your Tyre Pressure

A unique and 100% independent solution. Regardless of the tire or TPMS supplier, CLS collects, displays and analyzes data on a single interface for all stakeholders.
Reducing costs for fuel, tires and reducing the chance of unplanned downtime.

These are the primary reasons for customers to choose our TPMS solution. But did you know that by 2024 all new heavy duty vehicles must be equipped with a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System?

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Calculate how much you’ll save

Use our calculator to quickly work out how much you’ll save by fitting TPMS sensors on your tyres!

It takes into account the cost of your tyres, how often they need changing, fuel consumption plus average annual mileage.

Maintenance costs for any frequently occurring emergency repairs are not factored in.

Tyre pressure prediction and monitoring is a major cost saver so don’t wait another minute to contact us!


19 January 2023

On the ground, the ECOTRAVID project is moving forward

The ECOTRAVID app compares all the data on our operating schedules with a set of algorithms developed by our partners Fraunhofer ITWM and CLS. Read more

20 June 2022

CLS and Continental Join Forces to Digitize Transportation

CLS is proud to announce its recent partnership with German tech company Continental, which will provide vehicle and driver data collection services to enable the collation and analysis of social and statutory records. Read more

23 September 2021

Service networks digitize tyre maintenance with TPMS

Real-time tyre monitoring improves safety and reduces maintenance costs while boosting fleet availability. Read more