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Saving money and the planet – The HumaNav Fuel Monitoring tool

25 November 2021 - Humanitarian & Key accounts

humanitarian convoyCompanies and aid agencies the world over are increasingly concerned about reducing their fuel consumption, not just to cut costs but also to limit pollution. With this in mind, our HumaNav system features a fuel monitoring tool that enables agencies to better manage their consumption, rapidly spot anomalies, limit operational fleet costs, and monitor and reduce their carbon footprint.


An all-round fuel tool

Compatible with a wide range of vehicles, HumaNav’s fuel monitoring tool receives data sent from the GPS trackers, drivers, fleet managers and third parties (e.g. invoice providers). It then processes, combines and analyses all of this data, taking into account and automatically converting local currencies, in order to produce comprehensive fuel and carbon emission reports for each individual vehicle and for the agency’s entire fleet.

This enables managers to assess where fuel savings can be made in general, as well as to identify and resolve losses due to poor maintenance, inefficient driving or vehicle misappropriation. The tool also provides alerts for specific events and anomalies, such as fuel jacking and leaks, so that they can be rapidly avoided or addressed.

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HumaNav fuel control screen