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LIFE ECOTRAVID Project: Reduce truck fuel consumption and related CO2 emissions by 5 to 10%

22 February 2022

CLS is proud to work with Fraunhofer and Samat Group on this LIFE project, co-financed by the financial instrument of the European Union LIFE.

Amid mounting competition, the Covid crisis and the need to shift towards sustainable transport, the challenges to ensuring fleet performance have never been greater. Trailermatics fleet management plateform enables you to optimize your fleet management by providing an instant overview of the precise location of all vehicles and assets.

Fleet managers have access to a delivery planning tool based on real-time data concerning the location and deployment of each asset. Allowing the right decision to be made, at the right time. Optimal fleet management also means keeping vehicles operational. Trailermatics’ automatic sensor feedback and predictive maintenance algorithms enable fleet managers to schedule maintenance procedures automatically.

Fuel is the leading expense for hauliers, and road transportation is a major contributor to global warming. Limiting fuel consumption by reducing mileage is therefore vital. The ECOTRAVID tool calculates the most fuel-efficient route available by taking a whole range of factors into account. The suggested route is accessible via the driver’s smartphone, ensuring that every journey is as eco- friendly as possible.

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