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HumaNav Dashboards & KPI Management Tool

25 November 2021 - Humanitarian & Key accounts

For data analysis & Strategic asset management

humanitarian carMaking the Future Predictable

When choosing a fleet management system, you want a tool that will keep your assets and personnel safe and that will ensure they all get from A to B as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

But you also want a system that provides you with an overview and detailed breakdown of your current operations and – ideally – enables you to predict future fleet costs and requirements. This is the key to strategic fleet management, enabling you to optimize existing assets and drivers, make savings in terms of both time and money, and draft reliable plans of action over the short, medium and long-terms.


HumaNav platform


Complicated on the inside, simple on the outside

Which is why we have developed a Dashboards & KPI management tool, as part of the HumaNav system. It’s complicated on the inside – gathering a vast range of information from the totality of your fleet on the ground regarding use and costs, safety and security, driver behaviour and so on, in order to produce detailed automatic reports and KPIs. Yet it’s super simple on the outside, with a clear, user-friendly interface and easy-to-understand interactive charts that ensure all the information is accessible to all types of users.


Dashboards HumaNav


From general overviews to detailed reports

Fleet managers can get a real-time overview of operations plus a quick grasp of key indicators whenever they need it. They can then go on to study specific elements of the whole – focusing on KPIs by period, country or region for example. All of this information can be easily shared with other team members and departments, such as finance and purchasing, in order to develop targeted and highly detailed plans of action. And all information is kept constantly up to date, allowing teams to modify their plans as they go along.

The Dashboards & KPI tool takes both the guesswork and the footwork out of your fleet management planning, allowing you to focus your energies on the operations themselves.

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Dashboards HumaNav

Part of a complete package

Created by the United Nations and French space agency CNES in 2006, HumaNav is a real-time vehicle tracking and fleet management solution designed specifically for aid agencies. Now provided by Earth observation and monitoring specialist CLS, HumaNav currently tracks some 12,000 aid vehicles in over 120 countries worldwide via 100,000 mobile devices. In addition to its core Track & Trace and fleet management tools, it enables users to monitor their fuel consumption and cold chain, to manage and predict maintenance, to pool and optimize their vehicles, to monitor and ensure road safety and to receive detailed reports for their entire fleet.