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HumaNav: Making Unplanned Downtime a Thing of the Past – CLS

06 July 2021 - Humanitarian & Key accounts

The HumaNav Maintenance Management Tool

truck maintenanceUnscheduled repair and maintenance work is a recurring nightmare for many fleet managers. In addition to the unexpected costs incurred in getting a vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible, it also creates major operational challenges in terms of replacing that vehicle throughout its downtime.

This is even more of a concern in the humanitarian sector, where an unexpected breakdown can prevent personnel and aid from getting to those in need and may even lead to the loss of any perishable goods or medicines being transported. The treacherous environments in which many aid agencies operate also create more wear and tear on vehicles and are more likely to turn a minor breakdown into a major incident or accident.


Take Control of Your Fleet Maintenance

The HumaNav maintenance management tool has been shown to extend agencies’ fleet lifecycles, cut their maintenance budgets, reduce unscheduled repairs and downtimes, and lower the risk of accidents. It can either by implemented on its own or in combination with HumaNav’s other tracking and fleet management modules.

The tool synthesizes key information and deadlines for each vehicle and the entire fleet, covering maintenance cycles, inspections and part replacements, repairs and checks. Compatible with third-party systems (eg contracted service centres) and able to incorporate external data, it provides a global view of maintenance requirements, thereby enabling fleet managers to plan precisely – both immediately and over the long-term – and to ensure that every single vehicle is in optimum condition all the time.

Notifications are sent well in advance whenever a specific intervention is due, meaning that it can be scheduled at a time that is least disruptive to the agency and its operations. And by ensuring that maintenance stops are never missed, the tool helps to avoid knock-on effects – including accidents – from overworn parts, with all the additional costs these can incur.

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Part of a complete package

Created by the United Nations and French space agency CNES in 2006, HumaNav is a real-time vehicle tracking and fleet management solution designed specifically for aid agencies. Now provided by Earth observation and monitoring specialist CLS, HumaNav currently tracks some 12,000 aid vehicles in over 120 countries worldwide via 100,000 mobile devices.

In addition to maintenance management and its core track & trace and fleet management tools, it enables users to monitor their cold chain and fuel consumption, to manage and predict maintenance, to pool and optimize their vehicles, to monitor and ensure road safety and to receive detailed reports for their entire fleet.

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