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Road Crash Reporting & Analysis Tool

27 August 2021 - Humanitarian & Key accounts

Crash analysis: the most critical seconds of an accident automatically reported

HumaNav solution goes beyond tracking & fleet management!

crashlog humanavAs global road users, the humanitarian sector establishes best practices that limit the impact of its road activities on the communities it serves. HumaNav develops a Road Safety toolkit that helps NGO’s & UN to manage safety during programs and contributes to reducing road traffic death and injuries.

Last month, HumaNav crash Log feature, alerted in real-time our focal points in Africa and HQ (Europe) on a critical accident. A detailed report was automatically generated describing moments before and after the accident. In this case, the vehicle rolled-over and suffered from a shock on the left side. By gathering information on the circumstances around the event, the staff was able to identify the root causes of the incident : location, time, speed, overspeeding, harsh event, impact with other vehicles, roll overs, etc… This report is a valuable complement to the road crash incident report.

The time and effort savings are tremendous. And rest assured, the driver is safe and sound! HumaNav support the fleet manager to proactively learn from road traffic incidents and crashes in order to stop them from happening or dramatically reduce their occurrence.

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