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Eazy Connect software: At the heart of the Eazy Collecte system

30 June 2022 - Waste management & urban cleanliness

Optimizing Waste Collection

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Designed to optimize waste collection and provide real-time AI data analysis, Eazy Connect provides local authorities with a complete route creation and tracking tool to boost their economic, human and environmental performance.

Central to the Eazy Collecte waste management system is Eazy Connect: a comprehensive route optimization and operations management software platform.

Data sent from Navdroid tablets, the Eazydroid app, plus connected bins and collection points, is centralized on the platform, which uses algorithms and artificial intelligence developed and regularly upgraded by CLS to process the constant flow of information and allow managers to track daily operations and calculate and reoptimize collection routes in real time.


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Linking waste collection companies with local authorities and other partners, this control tower is used by more than 450 customers operating 6,000 connected refuse trucks.

It enables them to improve their operational performance, cost-effectiveness and service quality while reducing environmental and noise pollution.

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Optimized waste collection, from start to finish

Eazy Connect Route Map
Eazy Connect Route Map

Eazy Connect is used before, during and after waste collection. Upstream, it enables users to simulate each route and to calculate the itinerary of every vehicle according to its service zone, number of collection points, time constraints, available resources, traffic and road conditions etc.


Thanks to Eazy Connect’s scalable algorithms, an exclusive ‘pendulum’ feature simulates the number of bins that can be collected before the truck is full, and calculates its route from depot to discharge point, for emptying, and back to the depot.

This feature is a huge boon for managers, enabling them to optimize waste collection rounds, vehicle usage and work shifts by anticipating all the key steps.

During rounds, Eazy Connect displays an interactive map of all the waste collection routes, with each vehicle’s location updated every six seconds. Other information is also constantly updated, either automatically or by drivers and refuse collectors on the ground via their Navdroid tablets and Eazydroid mobile apps.

Routes can also be recalculated in the event of a problem e.g. roadworks, accidents, inaccessible bins, etc.


Thanks to the ‘video recorder’ feature, users can replay the successive steps of any round on the interactive map, along with a timeline. This makes it possible to return, if necessary, to any specific driving, collection, idling or reversing event.

The replay feature has been developed to help operations managers deal with issues such as customer complaints and road accidents involving refuse trucks.

It enables them to visualize the specific sequence of events almost to the precise moment, and so prove their good faith regarding any type of incident.

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A scalable, open-platform solution

Dashboards of the Eazy Connect platform
Dashboards of the Eazy Connect platform

In addition to ensuring the real-time management and optimization of waste collection services, Eazy Connect provides activity report dashboards that remain in the archives for two years and can be used to develop best practices for staff training, ecodriving, social management, carbon reduction and so on.

Steadfastly open-platform, Eazy Connect interfaces with users’ existing IT systems e.g. billing, bin and internal management software, voluntary drop-off-point sensors, weight sensors, etc.

Eazy Connect is constantly evolving and will soon include real-time traffic, weather, topographic and ecodriving information that will enable us to further refine our algorithms and the system’s simulation and optimization capabilities.” adds Jean-Christophe Lagrange

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