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The power of CLS tools in an application dedicated to managing your operations: rediscover EAZYDROID!

25 June 2024 - Waste management & urban cleanliness

Application mobile EazyDroid

With 20 years’ experience in waste collection, CLS has developed EAZYDROID, the essential application for demand management and fleet supervision. Flagship application in the EAZY COLLECTE suite, it enables you to:

  • Management of interventions
  • Feedback of events from the field
  • Real-time monitoring of activity and the fleet

All this in 100% mobile format! Thanks to its modular and customisable design, it can be adapted to the day-to-day needs of each user, and is fully integrated into the EAZY COLLECTE suite for centralised management and a response to a wide range of needs:

  • Reporting and carrying out cleaning operations (graffiti to be cleaned, rubbish to be collected, etc.)
  • Creation and follow-up of requests for maintenance or cleaning of recycling bins
  • Assigning tasks to ambassadors (waste reduction, sorting awareness, etc.)
  • Real-time fleet location for the fleet manager, and guidance to vehicle, etc.

It’s time to rediscover EAZYDROID in a new, even more powerful version with enhanced features!

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Simplified service management

Alerte intervention application EazyDroidEAZYDROID has been acclaimed by our users for its ability to simplify service management.

Agents can easily view, fill in, allocate and control the execution of service requests in real time from the app, to optimize operations in the field.

Thanks to its new user-friendly interface and an even more intuitive and comprehensive reporting process, EAZYDROID immediately provides agents with the information they need, enabling them to take swift action, for example to replace a burnt bin with a new one!

Instant reporting of events on the ground

Signalement instantané d’événements terrain avec EAZYDROIDEAZYDROID also enables real-time feedback of information from the field to the operator: activities carried out, problems encountered, tasks to be carried out, etc.

This immediate transmission of information (such as a sorting error found in a bin, for example), enhanced by photos and comments, means that there is constant contact with the operation, increased responsiveness, and therefore optimum resolution: a sorting ambassador can carry out a targeted awareness campaign!


Real-time activity monitoring

With its redesigned navigation and activity monitoring functions, this new version of EAZYDROID gives operations real-time visibility of vehicles and the progress of their activity. Events reported, position, route taken, scans of chipped bins: managers can see the fleet’s situation at a glance to optimize their management and the planning of interventions.


nettoyage d'une rue

A cost-effective solution

Thanks to its monthly subscription, EAZYDROID is a rapidly deployable and highly cost-effective solution for optimizing intervention management.

No need to invest in expensive hardware: all you need is a compatible Android smartphone to access all the application’s functions! This model enables budget optimization and real financial flexibility, essential in the waste management sector.


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Over the years, CLS’s EAZYDROID application has become an indispensable tool in the daily lives of our public and private sector customers alike. Intuitive, nomadic, versatile and cost-effective, this comprehensive and efficient solution has become a must-have for the management of waste collection and urban cleaning operations. Whether you’re a small business or a large organization, it will enable you to manage your operations easily and efficiently, helping to improve the quality of the services you provide and the satisfaction of your customers.

Would you like to find out more? Our sales teams will be delighted to discuss your challenges and work with you to meet them with EAZYDROID and the EAZY COLLECTE suite!


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