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Navdroid tablet: The essential tool for digital waste collection

08 April 2022

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The mobile tablet for refuse collectors in the field, Navdroid improves route management and simplifies everyday tasks.

Digitizing waste management reduces the number of collection rounds by 30%, according to Veolia.  Soft and hardware technologies enable local authorities and refuse collection companies to optimize their operations and improve service rate while reducing fleet, fuel and personnel costs.

CLS Eazy Collecte is a global solution, combining a powerful software platform with a fixed/mobile Navdroid device. This device accompanies teams on the ground day after day, in order to digitize the management and operation of their waste collection rounds

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Essential features for optimized waste collection

Navdroid acts as a mobile assistant, connecting route managers with their vehicles and agents. It permits remote driver and route identification prior to departure, and digitizes and simplifies the vehicle inspection process so often done by hand using a paper logbook.

Navdroid tablet pre-departure check

Navdroid then transmits the real-time location of each vehicle throughout its waste collection round and guides teams by displaying a map of the tasks to be completed and the best possible route.

If a vehicle leaves the pre-set route for any reason, the system automatically recalculates the most suitable itinerary. The tablet also has call and message features, to facilitate two-way communication between managers and collection teams.

The Navdroid tablet enables refuse collectors to enter details of specific events, such as street closures due to roadworks, and to take photographs that are then transferred to the operations department. It also provides real-time viewing of all bin collections.

In addition, the device is able to automatically collect data from sensors e.g. at connected waste drop-off points or for measuring vehicle load, and can trigger an alert in the event of an anomaly or when a set limit is exceeded.

Navdroid ensures safer waste collection and vehicle management for both your agents and other road users.



Intuitive, robust and made for the job


Navdroid works just like a smartphone or other mobile device, making it quick and easy to adopt. CLS has leveraged its soft and hardware expertise to create a powerful, robust and user-friendly tablet that is ideally suited to the waste collection business.

The in-cab docking station features CLS’ specially-designed safety clips to secure the Navdroid tablet without risking damage to the connectors each time it is removed or replaced. The docking station ensures a constant power supply and guarantees tablet performance even after intensive use. In mobile mode, the device’s IP66 resistance to shocks, dust and moisture means it can be used in all working conditions and is protected  if dropped.

Meaning peace of mind for your agents and minimum training!


The all-in-one solution for a better ROI

Navdroid is an all-in-one device that replaces standard in-cab devices with a  powerful modular solution. Thanks to its rapid installation, minimum vehicle downtime, plus particularly attractive rates, Navdroid promises waste collection agencies a rapid return on investment.

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