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EAZY TRACK: CLS extends its optimized waste management offering with an innovative dumpster tracking system

27 March 2024 - Waste management & urban cleanliness

In a business where intelligent dumpster management is crucial to controlling costs, steering business performance and ensuring optimum management of resources, CLS is innovating and pursuing its development of positive-impact mobility solutions by completing its offering for waste collection with its new EAZY TRACK solution.

In partnership with Sensolus, the world leader in tracking non-powered assets, CLS now offers a new solution for tracking dumpsters and all types of non-powered assets (containers, compactors, etc.). Designed to offer optimum management, this solution draws on nearly 40 years’ experience and expertise in geolocation and asset management to meet the major challenges of intelligent dumpster fleet management.


Precise monitoring, efficient maintenance

Waste dumpsters

Designed by our teams, the EAZY TRACK solution ensures precise tracking and management of your tipper fleet.

Thanks to robust, plug-and-play autonomous trackers with an exceptional autonomy of over 5 years, you have a reliable and durable solution for tracking all your assets.


Cutting-edge Connectivity

The NB-IoT connectivity of EAZY TRACK ensures low-power IoT communication, thus ensuring an extraordinary continuity of service. With a management platform accessible on PC and mobile, you have full control of your fleet of bins wherever you are.


Business Features, Simplified UseEasy Track

Thanks to the collection of reliable and precise data, EAZY TRACK offers a range of features dedicated to your businesses, such as geolocation, geofencing, alert management, report editing, dashboard creation, and much more.

The ease of use and versatility of the solution allow for comprehensive tracking in just a few clicks.


Adaptability and Customization

With EAZY TRACK, CLS provides access to a catalog of dedicated autonomous trackers for bin management, with characteristics ensuring high location accuracy and excellent durability. With nearly 40 years of connectivity experience, CLS will accompany you in deploying a customized solution for managing your fleet.

Choose Your Access Level

EAZY TRACK offers 3 levels of access to meet your specific needs: Essential, Professional, and Analytical.

Whether you simply want to know where your assets are, integrate additional information into your existing systems, or analyze your fleet’s cycles, EAZY TRACK adapts to you.

Discover Smart Management

EAZY TRACK web platform

Geolocation, tracking of dormant assets, fleet status, customizable tracking dashboards, definition of geozones, rotation tracking, movement alerts, maintenance management – EAZY TRACK offers features tailored to your business to achieve clear objectives: combating theft, understanding equipment usage, and effectively managing your asset inventory.

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