CLS Collecte Localisation Satellites

Existing customers

humanitarian mission

Humanitarian work

Humanitarian organisations use the HumaNav solution to improve the everyday management of their fleets. With the HumaNav solution, they can provide for the security of their staff and protect them in the field, while also ensuring the safety of their goods. For example, through use of the SOS button located in the vehicles, humanitarian organisations are rapidly notified in the event of a problem. The vehicle can also be quickly located in the event of theft or hijacking, enabling greater responsiveness and speedier resolution of any incidents.

Transport and logistics

Shippers and hauliers can manage entire trailer fleets and their consignments in real time with the Trailermatics solution. By using our technologies such as TPMS or our real-time schedule tracking solution, they are able to calculate their vehicles’ advances and delays, or plan maintenance operations between two trips, both of which will provide real savings, for the haulier and for their own customers.


urban waste

Urban waste

The major players in French waste collection optimise their rounds with the help of our design office and use our on-board screens in their lorries. Thanks to these technologies and our Eazy-Collecte solution, they can manage their activities efficiently while also helping to protect our planet.

Specialist and customised fleets

transport specialist

export and key account

Export & Key Accounts

If they are to ensure customer satisfaction, major French companies engaged in exports are required to be highly vigilant with regard to transported goods. By using our Novacom Export & Key Accounts solutions, they are able to guarantee, among other things, correct maintenance of their cold chain and therefore transportation of their goods at the appropriate temperature. The separate temperature sensors enable precise, real-time monitoring, while the recorders ensure compliance with the EN 12830 certification.