CLS Collecte Localisation Satellites

Who are we?

With a presence across five continents, the CLS Group develops and operates innovative telematics solutions. Created from the merger of Novacom Services and its parent company CLS in 2019, CLS fleet management solutions have been providing geolocation services for more than 15 years to professionals in numerous sectors: humanitarian work, transport and logistics, waste and environmental management, services to local authorities, specialist and customised fleets, export services and key accounts, etc.

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CLS converts and optimises your data into exploitable business information and injects added value into your professional activities.


CLS is committed to helping its customers integrate their activities to a more responsible and committed approach, enabling them to rationalise the impact of their activities on the environment: optimisation of journeys and vehicles used, more economical driving, tyre pressure monitoring, reduction of fuel consumption, etc. Towards a smaller carbon footprint.

connected devices

100,000 connected devices by CLS mobiles solutions

humanitarian vehicle

12,000 humanitarian vehicles tracked each day


350 customers using Fleet Management solutions


+ 15 years experience alongside aid organizations


Solutions deployed in more than 120 countries


900 secured

CLS is present worlwide

CLS worldwide network

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