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A winning partnership between Novacom and L’Arche en France

24 July 2017 - News

A real opportunity for both organisations

Since spring this year, Novacom has made use of workers from the association L’Arche en France for the recycling of over 1,200 used GPS geopositioning boxes, enabling this equipment to enjoy a second life.

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Founded in France in 1964, L’Arche is an association which accommodates adults with mental disabilities in shared centres where they can live and work together, along with those who care for them. Largely funded by the public authorities, L’Arche currently has 33 communities in France and 150 communities in 38 countries around the world.

This new partnership with Novacom is a real opportunity for both organisations, bringing added value to the workers from L’Arche and financial support for the association. The association thus contributes the expertise of these disabled employees towards this new project, which has been a real success: The workers are able to develop their skills and make progress in their work, becoming more and more efficient, while Novacom enjoys real benefits, both economic and environmental.

As a worldwide expert in connected fleet management, Novacom Services offers innovative and professional vehicle tracking and geopositioning solutions. One aspect of Novacom’s work is the fitting of communicating GPS boxes under lorry trailers for the purpose of monitoring and transmitting information from the vehicle (EBS data, opening of doors, refrigeration unit temperature, tyre pressure, etc.). The equipment installed remains under the trailers for an average of 1 to 7 years before it is renewed or replaced. When returned, the boxes are naturally dirty and worn, having been subjected to years of washing, mud, and all the extreme conditions of road transport. Sometimes it is no longer even possible to test them when returned.

This is where the disabled workers of L’Arche come in, providing a complete cleaning and repair service for the boxes. Working efficiency has gone from strength to strength since the beginning of the project, and the number of boxes cleaned per month has actually doubled. The first 50 boxes were processed in one month, and the next 50 in barely a fortnight.
Novacom is extremely pleased with this project and very proud to be able to work in collaboration with this association, which provides such a vital social service. A winning partnership for both Novacom and L’Arche and one which we hope will continue for many years to come!


To find out more about the association, click this link

arche en france

arche en france