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Fleet Control – The new fleet management starter tool for aid agencies

14 April 2021 - Humanitarian & Key accounts

Fleet Control logoMembers of non-profit association Fleet Forum now have access to a new fleet management starter tool, thanks to the latest phase in its partnership with telematics systems provider CLS.

Launched April 1st, the Fleet Control starter tool is a simplified version of CLS’s state-of-the-art HumaNav fleet management and tracking system, which was created in 2006 specifically for aid agencies. Fleet Control has been developed to provide the basic benefits of a Fleet Management System (FMS), allowing users to centralize their fleet information, optimize their vehicle management, and define and monitor their KPIs. And it is now available to all signed-up NGO members of Fleet Forum.

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Fleet control portal

A burgeoning partnership

Fleet Control is the brainchild of CLS, a subsidiary of CNP and the French space agency CNES, and longstanding partner Fleet Forum – a non-profit association dedicated to improving transport around the world.

Fleet Forum’s Development Director Rose Van Steijn explains: “Fleet Forum works to promote better, cleaner, safer and more effective transport in low and middle-income countries, and one of the ways to do this is through fleet management. Our members had access to a basic FMS before, but it was no longer meeting their needs and we realized we needed something new.”

CLS HumaNav product leader, Aure Pellefigue ads “Our ten-year partnership with Fleet Forum had already spawned other projects such as the System Readiness Guide, so when the idea of developing a new starter tool came up a few months ago, we jumped at the opportunity!”

The resulting solution has been designed, with the help of member feedback, to be as user-friendly and intuitive as possible. It consists of a software tool accessible from any mobile device, into which users manually enter data for each vehicle – the quantity of fuel consumed, kilometers travelled, repairs made and so on. Fleet Control then compiles and analyzes this data to provide a ‘dashboard’ overview for each vehicle and the fleet as a whole, enabling agencies to see which vehicles are under or overused, more fuel efficient and more reliable, and to make adjustments accordingly. It can even take into account rental vehicles – vital, given that more and more aid agencies are using hire cars in their everyday operations.

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Fleet control web platform

Not just about technology

Fleet Control is designed to serve as a starting point for aid agencies, many of which are increasingly keen to adopt an FMS in order to optimize resources, reduce their fuel and maintenance costs and limit their carbon footprint. But installing an FMS is not just about technology, as Rose van Steijn goes on to say.

“When organizations first start looking into fleet management, they often focus on their technical needs. While these are obviously important, the most vital first step in adopting an FMS is actually change management. Because you can have all the technology in the world, but it’s only beneficial if users embrace it and apply it properly.”

In other words, Fleet Control is more than just a technical tool – it enables agencies to introduce the whole concept of fleet management to their members in a gentle and user-friendly way. It also allows them to fully comprehend their own needs – what they expect from an FMS and/or tracking solution, their priorities, the aspects they need to address and the problems they need to resolve.

Fleet control features


Available to all Fleet Forum members

Fleet Control is now available to all Fleet Forum NGOs as part of their membership. While larger agencies (those with more than 100 vehicles in total, or 10 vehicles max. in a single country) can use it for up to a year, smaller organizations can keep it indefinitely if they lack the resources for a fully-fledged system.

Rose van Steijn concludes: “I really hope and trust that Fleet Control will bring a lot of benefits to our members, helping them to get a handle on their fleet costs and pinpoint their needs. It will certainly bring added value to us, confirming our role as global champions of high-quality fleet data collection and utilization.”

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