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VIDEO: Fleet sharing and E-booking solution for Humanitarian agencies

02 November 2020 - Humanitarian & Key accounts

Logistic for humanitarian agencies is a constant challenge. Humanav is helping agencies to manage their fleets optimally.

Fleet sharing and E-booking make day-to-day logistic planning so much easier

How? Thanks to an e-booking, dispatch and mission order transmission system. Agents in the field have a humanitarian e-booking app at their fingertips at all times. They simply indicate their transport needs for upcoming missions. Dispatchers can see all transport requests, vehicles, and drivers available. They can thus match requests to schedules and organize vehicle-sharing.

Transport needs can be anticipated and measured

Vehicles no longer leave half full, fleets are optimized and fuel costs are reduced. Managers connected to their fleet in real time can see where passengers and vehicles are, so trips are safer and better supervised. Trips are planned, optimized and costs are reduced.

With fleet sharing & E-booking, get more from existing resources.

Get more information about FLEET SHARING solution

Discover our fleet sharing solution, through CLS’ humanitarian web portal: HumaNav

HumaNav is a web platform developed by CLS to help improving humanitarian activities. Fleet sharing is a new part of the CLS historical humanitarian solution. HumaNav solution helps to manage humanitarian fleet management to improve staff and road safety.