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Novacom Services lifts off into New Space

13 September 2018 - News

and enters into IoT by satellite

novacom services

By 2021, the number of connected objects in the world is likely to exceed 70 billion. Nowadays, 90% of the surface of the globe is not connected – being either unconnectable, or only connectable at a prohibitive cost with a very restrictive complexity of use.

Novacom Services, a CLS Group company (subsidiary of the French Space Agency – CNES) with a strong space DNA, ambition to acquire with the first European constellation of nanosatellites especially developed for the Internet of Things: Kinéis.

Professionals and the general public alike will now have access to a global and universal satellite location and connectivity service. Very easy to use and affordable, this service will be accessible to everyone, everywhere on Earth. The Kinéis constellation of 20 nanosatellites will be in orbit in 2021.

This unique constellation will allow us to add value to our services by connecting any object, whilst eliminating the barriers related to complex connectivity, restricted networks or prohibitive costs. This new connectivity service will allow us to provide even more extensive monitoring of fleets and assets operated by our customers. Novacom Services and the CLS Group are continuously growing and evolving. In a few years’ time, we will use theses satellites, reinforcing our movement from the space industry into New Space. This will allow us to provide our customers with the multitude of services associated with New Space, very quickly and with the independence that characterises us.” 

 Julien Dauvet, CEO

Among other services, these systems will make it possible to: combat the theft of international means of transport and freight, identify the status of equipment such as generators deployed in disaster zones or deserted areas with no or no more means of communication, simplify and optimise the management of waste collection and guarantee the effective routing of goods beyond seas and borders, etc…

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With this exciting development in mind, Novacom wishes to inform its user community of its entry into the New Space movement and asserts itself as a member of a group which is innovative, visionary and able to meet the current challenges?

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