CLS Collecte Localisation Satellites

Project management and customer support

Project management

An experienced team of project managers is available on-site to perform various roles:

Supporting our customers, from the initial phase of expression of needs to appropriation of the solution by the user:

  • Project definition (dedicated expert to define the right solution together)
  • Project management and planning (central point: Scheduling/Coordination, Deployment/Operations, Implementation.)
  • Validation: for each vehicle going out into the field, the installation of our solutions, performed by an accredited partner installer, is validated by CLS. They refer to CLS technical documentation, and draw up an installation certificate accompanied by photos.
  • Support, training and long-term partnership: training programmes, change management, multilingual technical support, continuous improvement (software and hardware updates, new functions on request).

We conduct continuous internal research and monitoring on the latest technological innovations. Product developments are realised in line with all the needs established and anticipated by our sales and product teams.
The implementation of agile unified processes for project supervision and management to keep customers satisfied is at the heart of our everyday work.

Customer support

  • A responsive, high-tech team
  • Installation and deployment: a closely involved contact person ensuring the smooth overall functioning of your solution
  • Training: change management support
  • Developments: a dedicated contact will support you throughout the duration of your project (test, deployment, after-sales service, etc.)
  • Hotline: technical support available from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm

The availability of the Support team really is a major asset

After purchasing the solution, the responsiveness is what really makes the difference

The hotline team really understands our business activities

Support, installation and maintenance:

We provide you with our network of accredited installers to set up your terminals on-site at your convenience.
Over 300 operators all over the world, including around a hundred in France, are accredited by CLS and able to install the equipment supplied according to an established procedure and ad hoc technical documentation. Each of them has committed to a quality charter enforced by CLS, in relation to the following points in particular:

  • Compliance with deadlines and timeframes,
  • Confidentiality of customer information and activities,
  • Respect for vehicle condition during interventions,
  • Compliance with site safety plans (signing the plan, wearing compulsory equipment, etc.)
  • Respectful and professional attitude on site, etc.

Regardless of the region, the same fitting procedure is followed:

  • Meeting arranged with the CLS’ technical team to ensure availability of vehicles,
  • Upon arrival on site, confirmation with the fleet manager of the location of the box (concealed, in cab, etc.) and electrical installation,
  • Set-up validated with CLS’ technical support department,
  • Finally, validation by means of a “correct installation certificate” signed by the customer on site.
  • Photos are taken before, during and after installation, ensuring that regulations are observed and vehicles are returned in optimal condition.

We can also train your workshop staff in troubleshooting and in the replacement of accessories and/or boxes according to the overall skills held within your organisation.


The user training session is an essential requirement for optimal use of the solution offered. Training is therefore designed on a case-by-case basis and its scope will be perfectly suited to each person’s needs.

Technical support:

In order to meet your needs as closely as possible and to answer all your questions, our customer service is available to help you every working day from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm:

As soon as your request is made, you will immediately receive an email confirming that a ticket has been created. Our teams will then do their utmost to deal with your request within 48 hours maximum.
Once the problem is known, a live telephone query will be conducted with our support department.



CLS provides a 24-month guarantee period (as of the delivery date). An extension of guarantee is also available when signing the contract.
The process provides for workshop returns, not including the costs of dismantling, transportation and reinstallation. The guarantee applies to telecommunication terminals and to screens, not including accessories and peripherals.
CLS also undertakes to supply you with equivalent equipment to that acquired under this contract, for a period equivalent to the duration of the service contract.

After-sales service:

We provide after-sales service for the on-board equipment according to the following procedure:

  • Breakdown observed on Day D: Corrective maintenance
  • Troubleshooting by telephone provided by our technical support department within 48 hours maximum: your maintenance team (mechanical workshop) will be given step-by-step guidance for any basic restoration tasks (cable disconnected or removed, ON/OFF box resetting, remote software downloads); these tasks will have been examined during the workshop training phase.
  • Day D+5 working days (after receipt of your equipment): standard exchange of box, to be returned by you, if still under guarantee.
  • Any intervention on site will be billed at the applicable rate (contact us for details)
  • Full guarantee: For 15 days after the “correct installation certificate” is signed by the customer, the terminals we have installed are fully covered by CLS, including on-site intervention, after joint validation that the fault has arisen from the installation.
  • Malicious intent: in relation to any intervention covered by CLS, if a fault is found to be due to an act of malicious intent a fixed sum will be billed to the customer for each terminal repaired.


Special commitments:

We can deal with various kinds of non-standard requests:

  • Short deadlines
  • Work outside business hours
  • Full service packages
  • Advance equipment, etc.

For this type of request, do not hesitate to contact our sales engineers.