CLS Collecte Localisation Satellites

Real-time schedule tracking

Meeting deadlines and being on time are key to managing transport and logistics activities. CLS can help you track the progress of your schedules to ensure they are running smoothy. With our reliable and highly functional tool, you can anticipate delays and/or early arrivals and take proactive actions to ensure that deadlines are met.

The interface enables easy visualisation of all planned journeys, as well as their supervision in real-time:

  • Journey management and planning(Anticipated vehicle allocation).
  • Real-time surveillance of deadline compliance.
  • Overview of journeys completed during a period.
  • Delivery performance statistics.
  • Summary of vehicle allocations.
  • Measurement of teams’ performance and delivery points.
  • Dispute management.


Manager proactivity/reactivity:

Ensure quality of service (punctuality).

Adapt, refine, anticipate.

Ensure the security of operations and the safety of staffby managing progress and guaranteeing arrival at the destination

Trigger action if an anomaly is detected.


A global vision of your fleet punctuality, in order to manage all your transport means within the same tool:

Import external data

Compatible with all third-party terminal


Transport & Logistics:

  • Ensure quality of service (punctuality)
  • Adapt, readjust, anticipate


Humanitarian activity:

Provide operational security

Trigger action if an anomaly is detected


A series of automatic reports is also available, enabling analysis of key points such as performance, compliance with deadlines, and measurement of deviations:

  • Overview of journeys completed during the period with a summary of those: on time, delayed, completed but not scheduled, etc.
  • Delivery punctuality statistics.
  • Summary of vehicle allocations: which vehicle for which assignment.



  • Manage service quality
  • Reduce client penalties for delays
  • Manage the efficiency of a fleet
  • Increase profitability