CLS Collecte Localisation Satellites

Customer interface

In order to retrieve our customers’ information, CLS develops and operates a web platform enabling secure data access from any PC connected to the internet.


An intelligent platform

It can also process information in various formats (maps, dashboards, reports, etc.) as well as offering different levels of access (administrator, customer or guest) and a wide range of functions.

Various activity-specific interfaces are also available to meet the professional needs of our customers as closely as possible.


A new interface more ergonomic and intuitive

Since 2017, we have also offered an entirely new interface which is more ergonomic and intuitive: the Mobile Solution interface. This new interface simplifies and improves the user experience thanks to its professional and innovative characteristics:

  • Multi-device: PC, tablet, smartphone
  • Multi-browser: Chrome, Safari, Firefox
  • Ergonomic: Responsive web application with a modern design, providing an intuitive and user-friendly experience
  • Mapping engine offering several map types (street, satellite, hybrid, relief, open street map), a contextual menu, address and nearest resource search function, drive-by times, estimated time of arrival, display of direction, distance measurement
  • Modularity through provision of on-demand functions, and the option of tailored interface configuration with customisable positioning of fleet indicators (number of alerts, percentage of vehicles which are stopped/driving, etc.)


The new version also features new administration tools:

  • Manage equipment, groups, cases, points of interest, zones, users, drivers and surveillances
  • Functions may be restricted depending on the user and profile
  • Selection of activity reports, with on-demand consultation (accessible from a smartphone or tablet)


As well as fleet management tools:

  • Planning and monitoring of vehicle maintenance operations (schedule of dates, types of maintenance, costs, etc.)
  • Administration of vehicle files (date of first registration, dimensions, VIN, etc.)
  • Fuel records entered in local currency, conversion to reference currencies, price per litre for each type of fuel, etc.
  • Dashboards and KPI presentation with different levels of visualisation (country, region, branch, vehicle).


We take pride in our position as Data Experts, one of our core activities being the creation of value from data:

  • Real-time collection of a heterogeneous, high-speed data stream
  • Guaranteeing the security (no loss or alteration of data) and safety (confidentiality and integrity) of transmitted information
  • Ability to react and communicate in real-time on interpretations of this data stream
  • Selective data visualisation and extraction


In parallel, we orchestrate and convert this data stream for processing by our customers’ tools:

  • Conversion of streams: Real-time or delayed broadcasting of information on the tracked objects
  • BI: analysis and reporting tools for all areas of activity
  • Dashboards for converting the data collected by CLS into information