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The HumaNav team was exhibiting at AIDEX in Brussels

14 November 2017 - News

The capital of humanitarian cooperation

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The AidEx exhibition is the unmissable event for humanitarian professionals, taking place on three dates and in three different locations around the world: the main conference and exhibition in Brussels in November, as well as conferences in Dhaka and Nairobi in July and September

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Since AidEx was launched seven years ago, HumaNav has been an annual participant in one of its three flagship events, in Brussels. Over the course of two days in Belgium, on the 15 and 16 November this year, a series of conferences, exhibits, meetings, workshops, training courses and award ceremonies (including the Humanitarian Heroes prize and the Humanitarian & Development Journalism prize) will be enjoyed by professionals in the humanitarian sector.
In this way, AidEx brings together NGOs and private organisations under the same roof – the ultimate aim being to benefit the humanitarian sector by creating a close-knit community and promoting innovation.

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Over 200 exhibitors from all around the world and from a variety of sectors were in attendance, including Novacom Services, which welcomed you to its stand for information and advice during the two days of the event. Our team presented the many features of the HumaNav solution. In addition to tracking vehicles via GPS, HumaNav enables optimisation of everyday fleet management and emergency handling, ensuring the security and safety of staff on the ground.
It is able to cater to the requirements of humanitarian agencies, in terms of both security challenges and fleet management. HumaNav is designed to facilitate vehicle tracking on the ground, particularly in Africa and other priority intervention zones all around the world.

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