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HumaNav and Fleet Forum committed to NGO’s & UN with Road Safety kits

28 July 2020 - Humanitarian & Key accounts

United Nations humanitarian carRoad safety is our priority

About a month ago, Driver’s Seat, the app that encourages drivers to drive better, was launched by Fleet Forum. This organization, a CLS partner, is a non-profit agency inspiring better, cleaner, more effective and safer transport around the world for humanitarian organizations. Because safety is everyone’s mission, CLS is proud to be part of this project with its partner. Road safety is one of the key features of our HumaNav fleet management solutions and vision.


Getting drivers to change their behaviour at the wheel

Fleet Forum came across Driver’s Seat, a driver application for smartphones that aims to stimulate positive changes in driver behaviour. How? By using gamification principles. Driver’s Seat proposes to challenge drivers to improve their behaviour trip after trip and provides instant feedback. It encourages them to rank their own scores, which can be improved on daily. Developed with drivers in mind, the new app gives them a gadget and encourages them to up their game. It aims to be fun, free and easy to use.


car in the desertGood results since launch 

The application celebrated its first month after launch in the last few days and the first results are very positive and encouraging. As of the beginning of July, 315 drivers are actively using Driver’s Seat. With 87 downloads, Kenya is the country where uptake of the app is strongest. In one month, drivers went over the speed limit almost 683 times around the world. Congratulations to those actively using Driver’s Seat who have taken the step of actively improving their driving behaviour! The application is all the more useful in this period of health crisis, as it helps drivers to know what to do when they have symptoms associated with COVID-19. 167 drivers answered positively to the app’s Corona symptom checklist.


CLS is proud to be part of this partnership, which aims to enhance safety for all.

This tool perfectly complements the connected fleet monitoring and management solutions offered by CLS, which already provides road safety functionality by capturing driving performance and helping to manage road safety programs. CLS and its HumaNav solutions monitor driver information, secure driver identification and provide a user-friendly driving report with a scoring system to manage improvements. They also facilitate accident analysis with automated road crah reports.