CLS Collecte Localisation Satellites


As more and more objects begin to communicate, the Internet of Things (IoT) has become the latest development of the web, representing its extension to things and places in the physical world.

As a pioneer in this trend, CLS has therefore added to its portfolio of terminals with a new light, autonomous IoT beacon, communicating via the SIGFOX network.

SIGFOX is an IoT telecom operator which uses UNB (Ultra Narrow Band) radio technology to build an energy-efficient low-bitrate cellular network.

Easy to install and offering great autonomy thanks to its low consumption and standalone battery, the IoT beacon can be used for geopositioning and tracking the movement of goods and devices.

Thanks to its movement detection technology, this beacon can also be used to monitor your fleet, and offers a fully automated tracking solution.

Developed by our in-house R&D departments, this compact, powerful device can be fully integrated with CLS’s global solution: like any other terminal, the information collected is transmitted to our Mobile Solution web interface in order to harness its wide range of functions, coupled with comprehensive tracking and usage reports.


CLS’s packaged solution includes:

  • The beacon, which transmits a time-stamped GPS position (+ battery voltage information)
  • IoT connectivity (Sigfox)
  • Visualisation and notifications on the web application: PC/tablet/smartphone.

Thanks to big-data technologies, the databases can be populated with millions of items of information, thereby providing intelligent analytical functions through the use of deep-learning algorithms.

IoT uses

CLS’s IoT solution offers a wide range of uses and can be adapted to any item or device. Some examples of functionalities are:

  • Tracking and management of assets/devices: quickly and easily inventorize and locate objects to be monitored (less time lost identifying their location, theft prevention, security for expensive equipment)
  • Measurement and analysis of usage rates of a set of various goods or equipment for better scoping and tracking of use (or non-use or incorrectly positioned or lost. Input for analytical approach according to time spent, or rebilling, etc.)
  • Accurate logistics tracking (departure/arrival/retrospective movement tracking) of all types of industrial equipment (skips of industrial waste, electrical generators, trailers, building-site equipment, various construction-industry items such as cable reels, etc.)

Our strengths

Preconfigured and activated by CLS, the IoT beacon can be easily installed by the customer:

  • Fast, simple fitting: Compact, wireless box
  • Waterproof and robust (IP67: indoor or outdoor use)
  • Several years of autonomy with a low-consumption battery (+ battery depletion tracking for replacement)
  • Reliable, precise tracking
    • High-tech, integrated antenna
    • + unique ID for each beacon
  • Various operating modes to choose from, configurable by the customer (configuration of message sending according to sector-specific activity/usage)
  • In-house R&D: complete integration with the CLS’s solution for a unified user experience on our web interface.