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HumaNav fleet sharing dispatcher map

01 December 2020

Book & Move: humanitarian e-booking and carshare solution proving helpful in current context

Getting from A to B safely and cost-effectively across a war zone or dangerous terrain has always presented a key challenge for aid agencies, and the ongoing context of Covid-19 is making it even more difficult. But CLS has now launched the solution, in the form of a unique humanitarian carpool system: Book & Move.

motorway with trucks on the road

17 November 2020

Tachographs – the new weapon against illegal cabotage

Europe’s 2020 Mobility Package announces the roll-out of a new generation of smart tachographs better equipped to detect road transport activities and monitor cabotage.


10 November 2020

Telematics: The crisis-busting, cost-cutting solution

In the face of the ongoing crisis, many transportation companies are struggling to maintain operations and cut costs. One performance-boosting strategy available to them is trailer telematics.

fleet sharing web platform

02 November 2020

VIDEO: Fleet sharing and E-booking solution for Humanitarian agencies

The fleet sharing and e-booking application, Book & Move, is a new element of the CLS' historical humanitarian web portal, HumaNav, to improve humanitarian fleet management.

la Terre vue depuis l'espace

29 October 2020

CLS Response to COVID-19

CLS has implemented our business continuity plan, guaranteeing the same level of operational service 24/7/365 days a year. You can continue to contact your representatives, and you can also reach us at:

HumaNav webinar banner : pooling resources & sharing vehicles

27 October 2020

[HUMANAV WEBINAR] Pooling Resources & Sharing Vehicles in this challenging context

On the 17th November 2020 at 11am and 3pm CET, join this CLS HumaNav webinar about pooling resources & sharing vehicles in this challenging context.

truck driver with a smartphone

07 October 2020

Mobile Technology and the Professional Driver

Smartphones' massive deployment and the IoT has given professional drivers access to mobile technology. How did smartphones become driver's digital helper?

trailer tires

23 September 2020

TPMS: The future of smart tires

IoT on the road: a cost killer

road on a bridge over a forest

08 September 2020

How can trucking companies reduce their carbon footprint?

25% of greenhouse gas is produced by road transportation and trucking accounts for the bulk of that number. How do trucking company executives combat pollution effectively?

driver holding a tablet

28 July 2020

The e-CMR: Digital freight documents

The dematerialisation of the CMR, an international digital consignment note, makes it possible to track transported goods, from loading to delivery, specifying the means put in place for its transport.

United Nations humanitarian car

28 July 2020

HumaNav and Fleet Forum committed to NGO’s & UN with Road Safety kits

waste collection

22 June 2020

Waste collection for all seasons: CLS supporting local authorities

The summer and winter holidays, tourist events and festivals bring with them large numbers of visitors. That of course means more waste. CLS has been supporting them for many years with its Eazy Collecte waste collection management solutions, particularly in peak period.

Fleet forum webinar banner

18 June 2020

[HUMANAV WEBINAR] Fleet managers: Going digital, an opportunity!

Joins us & meet HumaNav experts on the 17th November at 11am and 3pm CET to discover a fleet manager toolbox

cars in the desert

11 June 2020

War-torn Syria: Humanitarian aid organizations are sharing resources

2020 marks a sad anniversary for Syria, as it enters its ninth year of conflict. The war has fuelled a mass exodus, with over half of the Syrian population now living in exile. CLS is reinventing logistic dispatching to enable the humanitarian sector to share resources.

encadrement de approvisionnement de masques par la Gendarmerie nationale

20 April 2020

COVID-19 – Trailermatics helping to keep track of mask convoys in France

Trailermatics assists Geodis and the Gendarmerie Nationale in the real-time monitoring of mask supply convoys.

mountain road

25 March 2020

Choosing the right route to reduce fuel consumption

ECOTRAVID Life Project

DIHAD 2020 banner

14 February 2020

TRADE SHOW: Let’s meet in DIHAD!

The HumaNav team is looking forward to meeting you on our stand E18 and sharing the latest news and updates.

novacom services

02 January 2019

Novacom Services merges with CLS

Novacom Services is proud to announce its merger with its parent company, CLS, a subsidiary of CNES (French Space Agency). This integration is part of CLS Group's strategy to diversify and offer its customers competitive products and services at the leading edge of innovation.

NOVACOM all the best for 2019

01 January 2019

Best wishes

for 2019

The entire Novacom Services team wishes you all the best for this 2019

picto sécurité

24 September 2018

South Sudan : United nations stolen vehicle quickly retrieved

Thanks to HumaNav

Last week, the real time map positionning and the remonte immobilization feature were helpful again

objets connectes

13 September 2018

Novacom Services lifts off into New Space

and enters into IoT by satellite

Novacom Services, a CLS Group company (subsidiary of the French Space AGency - CNES) with a strong space DNA, is now equipped with the first European constellation of nanosatellites espacially developed for the Internet of Things: Kineis

header foster

06 September 2018


Discover our project: FOSTER-ITS

First Operational, Secured and Trusted galiLEo Receiver for ITS applications. The FOSTER ITS receiver is designed to increase the reliability and robustness of positioning, even in the more frequent cases of GNSS attacks (jammers, etc.). These attacks distort the GPS position generated by a standard receiver, or completely cancel its ability to generate a position, with the security risks that this represents. The FORESTER ITS receiver is able to protect the terminal in case of attacks and the electronic signature (formal proof and non-repudiation).

logo dhollandia

03 September 2018

A connected tail lift for an ever more advanced monitoring

New technological partnership with Dhollandia

After six months of reflection and various developments with our customers, let's discover the connected tail lift data for an advanced and operational fleet management, proposed by two european leaders: Dhollandia and Novacom Services.


03 July 2018


Novacom partner in Mali

Our team was really pleased to visit our historic distributor, the Securicom Group

workshop humanav

05 June 2018

HumaNav Workshop

Back on the day in Copenagen

The annuel workshop of our HumaNav team took place this year in Copenhagen, where we were welcomed on the site of Maersk headquarters

Aid & Trade 2018

25 April 2018

AID & TRADE 2018

Few pictures of the show and HumaNav stand

Thousands of visitors are expected to attend Aid & Trade London every year, including government leaders, sponsors, major NGOs and global policy makers. Stakeholders of the event include delegates, exhibitors, guest speakers, businesses, sponsors, and international development agencies. The event is supported by the United Nations and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescents

commercial vehicle show stand

24 April 2018

Stand at the Commercial Vehicle Show

Birmingham, United Kingdom

Photos - From April 24 to 26, our Nordic sales representatives represented Trailermatics at a major industry event in Birmingham (UK)

fleet management data

01 April 2018

Subscriptions – HumaNav Workshop


ANNUAL WORKSHOP This year, the meeting takes place on Tuesday, June 5th 2018, the day before the Fleet Forum. Location: A.P. Moller - Maersk headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark

ponctualité des transports

01 March 2018

Punctuality for transport

New feature 2018: Create your own planning using Webservices

Meeting deadlines and being on time are key to managing transport and logistics activities. Novacom Services can help you track the progress of your schedules to ensure they are running smoothy. With our reliable and highly functional tool, you can anticipate delays and/or early arrivals and take proactive actions to ensure that deadlines are met

stand stil 2016

27 January 2018

2018: Let’s meet on the upcoming shows!

Transport, Humanitarian and Waste sectors

The Novacom team will be happy to meet you on its stans throughout the year during major events:

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